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Art & Mirror Installers

22 years experience in residential art placement and installation, talk to our friendly team of artists today about styling your home and installing your existing artworks

Our installers will thoughtful curate and place your artworks around your home, working closely with you to determine best placement in relation to furnishings

All our art handlers are practicing artists themselves and thrive in the visual world

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Heavy high risk Installations

Our team of expert installers have years of expertise in heavy, large or difficult installation. With advance knowledge of professional installation methodologies our team is well equiped to handle any project large or small

At Sydney Picture Hanging, we provide professional art handling services to cover all your picture hanging needs and are among the best in the business. We specialise in security based picture hanging services and art installations and have a full range of anti-theft art hanging systems, picture hanging, gallery hanging and permanent fixings or removals for artworks in hotels, art galleries, museums and public spaces in Sydney.


Our professional art installers / picture hangers are practicing artists themselves and can make qualified art placement suggestions for your artwork display. Usually we can come and install your artworks the same or next day. We pride ourselves on the high level of customer service we always strive to provide each of our customers. When you contact us at Sydney Picture Hanging, know you will be receiving quality services from true professionals who have a wide range of experience in the industry.


Talk to us today about your Picture Hanging and art installation needs!

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Art Track & Cable Systems

Our custom made art hanging systems are strong, easy to use and installed discretely and an excellent option for gallery walls in residential art projects

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Picture Hanging Security Fittings

Specialists in anti-theft security fittings and fasteners we can provide various art hanging devices to ensure the safety of your high value art pieces

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